Kamagra Effervescent tablets

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Kamagra Effervescent tablets

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Sildenafil 100 mg
Depoxetine 0 mg
Tadalafil 0 mg
Pils / Oral Jelly / Other Effervescent tablets
Number of product 7 tablets
When drugs start working 15 minutes
For how long drugs works 4-6 hours

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Kamagra Effervescent tablets


Kamagra sparkling tabs (plush) is drug designed to improve men potency . Add one tab to a glass of cool water and wait until a pill stops to dissolve. The orange liquid will be ready to drink then.

Kamagra sparkling tabs is a drug created to increase potency and improve erection. This medicine was designed for the needs of people who can’t or simply do not like swallowing pills. The drug dissolves in water and only then, in a liquid form, is ready to drink. Each tab contains 100mg of a substance helping with erectile dysfunction called Sildenafil.

Kamagra sparkling tabs is a drug resembling popular tablets dissolving in water . In a tube package, there are 7 orange-colored tabs. Each tab can be easily split in two halves, in case the recommended dose is smaller than 100mg. A drug can’t be used by women or young people under 18.

Kamagra sparkling tabs influences the circulatory system, expanding the blood vessels increasing blood pressure. The drug helps not only to achieve a satisfactory erection, but also to keep it until the end of the intercourse.

In order to use Kamagra sparkling tabs safely , consult your doctor first. It is worth to inform him about all illnesses and a current state of health, as well as all medicines you take. If the doctor doesn’t recommend otherwise, you can start the treatment. It is worth to remember that you should not exceed one tab a day. You also can’t mix Kamagra with alcohol, energy drinks or fatty meals. Remember to always read the package leaflet before the first use and follow the instructions.

Kamagra sparkling tabs should not be taken by people who suffer from the following diseases and conditions:

- cardiac ischemia ,

- circulatory system disorders,

- people who suffered a heart attack

- people after stroke,

- people with confirmed atherosclerosis,

- people with degenerative changes in the retina,

- people with uncontrolled hypertension

- people with ventricular arrhythmia,

-people with low blood pleasure, below 90/50 mmHg,

- people with cardiomyopathy,

- people using nitric oxide releasing drugs , e.g. nitroglycerin, monositrate and isosorbide dinitrate,

- people allergic to sildenafil or other Kamagra ingredients.


A small group of people may experience minor side effects such as:

- slight redness on the face,

- headaches,

- indigestion,

- a blocked nose,

- erection lasting over 4 hours,

- slight difficulty with taking deep breaths,

- heart rhythm disturbances.

Remember to always keep Kamagra sparkling tabs out of the children’s reach. This medicine should be stored in a dark and dry place, even when it’s in the box. The ideal storage temperature is between 15-25 degrees Celsius

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dobre to!

Długo się rozpuszcza, ale w smaku dobre i co ważniejsze stoi co ma stać :)



A czy po tych tabletkach nie ma problemów z niestrawnością


Polecam !!!

Jeżeli bierzecie kamagrę to polecam ją w tej postaci, żadnych skutków ubocznych a skuteczność taka sama.



Otrzymałem lek z datą ważności na 2017.12 - nieźle !!!


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plusz najlepszy tu działa



Spróbowałem Kamagry w pluszach i jak dla mnie nie ma nic lepszego. Wysyłka i kontakt ze sklepem też ok. ogólnie można polecić.

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Kamagra Effervescent tablets

Kamagra Effervescent tablets

Kamagra Effervescent tablets

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